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Cruise Terminal 1, Cape Canaveral, FL
Cruise Terminal 1, Cape Canaveral, FL
Cruise Terminal 1, Cape Canaveral, FL
Cruise Terminal 1, Cape Canaveral, FL
Cruise Terminal 1, Cape Canaveral, FL
Cruise Terminal 1, Cape Canaveral, FL
Lake Eola Fountain Renovation, Orlando, FL
Water Treatement Facility at Disney
Hollywood Theater Port Orange, Fl
CFE Credit Union, Lake Nona, FL
Jerrry Sellers Water Treatment Facility, Cocoa, FL
St. Vincent's Church, Villages, FL
Atlantic Coast High School, Jacksonville, FL

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 Triangle Lightning Protection Inc. is a "Certified Woman Owned" and family operated Professional Lightning Protection contracting firm. T.L.P. currently has two L.P.I. "Certified Master Installer / Designers" on staff. We are located in the heart of Florida one hour north of Orlando in the center of the state. We cover the entire United States of America and the surrounding islands for our valued clients. Our quality, performance and integrity are second to none in the industry.

The Design and installation of Lightning Protection and Grounding Systems for Water, Wastewater, Heavy Industrial and Power Generation Plants is our Specialty.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a high quality product and unmatched customer service. From bid day to the last closeout document our customers are number one. When we tell you our crew will be on site or a task will be performed by a certain time it happens, when we commit you, take it to The Bank. It Will Happen.

The Design and Installation of a Lightning Protection System is a "Specialized Trade". These complex systems should only be installed by Qualified Installers. Roofers, general contractors, electrical contractors are not Qualified Installers of Lightning Protection Systems. Do not accept a Lightning Protection system from anyone other than a U.L. Listed, N.F.P.A. Member and L.P.I. Certified, Lightning Protection Contractor such as Triangle Lightning Protection Inc. the true professionals.

Home of Triangle Lightning Protection, Eustis, FL






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